About Us.

The 3D Animation Network introduces 3D Animation to school children and people that is interested to learn 3D and Animation.

We're registered as a Non Profitable Organization at the Department of Social Development in South Africa.  -  NPO 89032

About Willem Verwey.

"I Joined the Blender Education network since the start and was part of the team to put the certification process in place in Nov 2008.
In November 2008 Willem were asked to serve on the Blender Foundation Certified Trainer Review Board
Today I'm proud to be a Blender Foundation Certified Trainer!

From March 2012 I serve as the Blender Foundation Certification Board’s Moderator!

Courses offered

We have three courses that we do at this moment.

- ANIM8 Junior (Animation Program for primary school kids, Grade 6 & 7)
- ANIM8 Part 1 (Introduction to Animation) This is to help children make a career decision!
- ANIM8 Part 2 (Basic Blender User Certification)

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