Blender Foundation Certified Trainer

BFCT is the Blender Foundation's official certified trainers program.

Requisites for becoming a certified member are listed at

BFCT Membership is renewed annually, along with updating your knowledge on new topics Blender might cover.
If you are a BFCT already, you can request a Freelance account on the Blender Network. More info here.

Goals of the BFCT program

  • Provide a standard for Certification for everyone who is interested in teaching Blender professionally.
  • Help experienced Blender artists and developers to get into training business.
  • Increase the quality and quantity of Blender training world wide.

A certified trainer should target at least one of the following audiences:

  • Corporations who want employees trained in Blender
  • School/College/University teachers who want to integrate Blender in classes
  • Individual artists interested in learning or migrating to Blender

A certified trainer cannot give BFCT status to people who have attended their classes, however they are fully free to define their own courses or own student certification programs.


The Blender Foundation encourages applicants from any and all linguistic backgrounds. Multi-language support is indeed a vital part of supporting the use of Blender everywhere.
Nonetheless, as the language of the BFCT review board is English; the board requires that a letter of interest and summary of professional experience be submitted in English.

It is the applicant's responsibility to secure translation if they do not personally possess the necessary English skills to produce such a document. Additionally, the review board thanks non-English language applicants for their patience as supporting materials submitted in another language may require more time to be properly reviewed.



Current location


  • Available to work remotely