I'm a freelance artist-teacher penguin from Patagonia.
During the past years I mix the two things I love the most: Travel & Blender 
Currently my life consists of traveling around the globe going to studios, universities and conferences. Sometimes as freelance artist, sometimes for consultancy work, or teaching on workshops, since I'm a BFCT (Blender Foundation Certified Trainer).

  • On the artist side: I focus mainly on lighting and compositing. But I have experience in all areas of CG, including modeling, sculpting, texturing, shading, rigging, animation, motion tracking, physics, and Blender's game engine.
  • On the teacher side: I've given courses and workshops in several countries around the globe, in both Spanish and English language. Courses last from 1 day up to +month, they can be for beginners, intermediate, advanced, or arranged upon special needs of the university/studio.

Open Projects

I've been part of the Open Movie Sintel and the Open Game Yo Frankie!, at the Blender Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Language: Spanish (Argentina, native), fluent in English.

Countries I've visited for Blender related work: The Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, and the United States.


  • Animation
  • Compositing
  • Lighting
  • Modeling
  • VFX
  • Visualization


  • Books
  • Digital Assets
  • Training DVDs
  • Tutorials


  • Class
  • One on One
  • Remote Training


  • Consulting
  • Pipeline TD