Because of the overwhelming success of the first open movie project, Ton Roosendaal, the Blender Foundation's chairman, has established a corporation, "Blender Institute". This now is the permanent office and studio to more efficiently organize the Blender Foundation goals, but especially to coordinate and facilitate Open Projects related to 3D movies, games or visual effects.

Blender Institute - development and consultancy

Blender Institute (BI) currently employs and supports several key Blender developers. Most of their time goes to generic development projects - sponsored by the Foundation or via Open Movies.

To kickstart support services for and by Blender Network members, we now want offer to Network members an opportunity to hire BI for development work. Contracting and planning will be handled by Ton Roosendaal, assisted by Sergey Sharybin and Francesco Siddi. Development work could be handled by anyone who's experienced with Blender code, but will be supervised and coordinated by BI.

Assignments will be accepted in two categories:

Development realization

  • Full project realization for Blender features.
  • We can not guarantee development will end up in a release. However, we can make a milestone planning where - after the software was accepted by the client - a bonus milestone gets based on "get software in official release".

Development Mentoring

  • Help with review and writing good project plans for developers you hire, based on getting a project acceptable for a release (or acceptable for a client).
  • Final code review and assistance with applying in trunk (for upcoming release).

BI offers these services now to Network Members exclusively. Keep in mind we're limited in resources, and can only work on topics when it aligns well with existing work or plans for Blender.

  • Add-Ons
  • Blender Core
  • Game Engine Programming
  • Open Shading Language
  • Python Scripting
  • Consulting
  • Training DVDs

The following members of the Network share a professional connection with Blender Institute. A connection is a way of endorsement, stating they work or have worked together in the past.

David Revoy
Jeremy Davidson
Dolf Veenvliet
Nicolò Zubbini
Kjartan Tysdal
Carsten Wartmann
Sebastian Koenig
Enrico Valenza
Ethan Luo
Dalai Felinto
Jonathan Williamson
CG Cookie
Studio Lumikuu
Bassam Kurdali
Gabriel Caraballo
Mieke Roth
Sybren A. Stüvel