Dalai was born in sunny Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has been using Blender since the beginning of his graduate study in Architecture and Urban Studies back in 2003.


His participation in the Blender Community includes a few papers, workshops and talks presented at events such as the BlenderPRO, BlenderDay and GNUGRAF in Brazil, Che Blender in Argentina, Blender Conference in Amsterdam and Blender Workshop in Canada. He contributes with patches and code to Blender since its version 2.47.


Recently he has been offering consulting service for Blender / Blender Game Engine projects, and Blender projects that requires Python scripts for their production workflow.


Read more about latest projects in this interview to Blender Network, and this article about a recent collaboration with Sebastian König.


Books / Papers

  • BlenderVR: Open-source Framework for Interactive and Immersive VR, IEEEVR 2015
  • Game Development with Blender, Cengage, 2013
  • Production framework for full panoramic scenes with photo-realistic augmented reality, CLEI 2012
  • Rendering synthetic objects into full panoramic scenes using light-depth maps, GRAPP 2013
  • Blender and immersive gaming in a hemispherical dome, GSTF InternationalJournal on Computing (JoC), 2010

Talks / Workshops

  • 2014: Amsterdam Blender Conference - Mission Preparation Tool for Drones
  • 2013: Amsterdam Blender Conference - Multiview (Stereoscopy) Development
  • 2012: Amsterdam Blender Conference - Panorama Capture and Rendering workflow
  • 2012: Salvador Blender Pro - Python Workshop and BGE talk
  • 2011: Amsterdam Blender Conference - Python Workshop
  • 2011: Salvador Blender Pro - Special guest, Python workshop and Development
  • 2010: Amsterdam Blender Conference - Cosmic Sensation
  • 2010: Turin View Conference - BGE Workshop
  • 2009: Amsterdam Blender Conference - Fulldome for BGE
  • 2008: Amsterdam Blender Conference - OceanViz
  • 2008: Vancouver Blender and BGE Workshop




  • Add-Ons
  • Blender Core
  • Game Engine Programming
  • Python Scripting
  • Consulting
  • Tutorials

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