I'm a CG generalist working at Cineca, a super-calculous Italian facility.

That involves me into the production of archviz stills and movies, photo matching insertions, real time visualizations with the BGE and the BGE for Android, character design and animation, environment modeling, augmented reality apps and 3d scan elaborations.

Previous works

I've been involved into the production of Apa the Etruscan and 2700 years of Bologna History , a short-movie for museums that shows the history of Bologna into the centuries. My creative fields here were environmental modeling, compositing, video editing and some minor stuff.

You can see the first three minutes of the short movie here:

Pizza Designer: a project committed by ItalPizza, a leading manufacturer operating world-wide, developed at Cineca and entirely based on Blender. Here it is a video that demonstrate the Pizza Designer in action:

Talks / Workshops

2013: Amsterdam Blender Conference - Computer-aided Pizza Designer with Blender

2014: Amsterdam Blender Conference - A maid with braids. Ati, an Etruscan character (with Silvano Imboden)

Tutorials and Courses

I worked as a teacher at five Cineca's courses for cultural heritage and for scientific visualization. I currently publish tutorials and experience on my blog: BlenderProps

I worked as a Blender teacher at the course "TECNICO DI GRAFICA COMPUTERIZZATA (con specializzazione nella creazione di App e Pubblicazioni Interattive)" 

What I'm doing right now

Right now I'm involved into the coordination of a small group of students to teach them Blender and our pipeline by making an APA spinoff and at the same time I keep working at arch-viz  and at an Educational point-and-click adventure game set in Medieval and Roman Bologna in cooperation with a worldwide team.

  • Lighting
  • Modeling
  • Game Engine Programming
  • Tutorials
  • Class
  • One on One

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