Hi. I´ve been working on the tv and cinema advertising field since year 2k. I´ve had the opportunity to work with different 3D and compositing software such as Softimage, 3DsMax, Flame, Lustre, Nuke, Modo and other stereoscopic production software.

"I am a 3D animator and VFX compositor, all though I really like to work as a generalist with emphasis on areas like animation, rigging and texturing. I also like technical direction".

I graduated with a "3D Master´s degree in animation" at Fak d´art in Barcelona, Spain in 2002. I met Blender for the first time in 2001, and becamed interested when I bought a physical copy of the "Animation Techniques in Blender" DVD. In 2004 and 2007 I had the opportunity to work branding a Tv broadcast and radio network in Ecuador. Later, I was recruited to work in Panama for an educational videogame for the United Nations and it´s World Food Program in 2008. I´ve been a beta tester for stereoscopic software in 2009 with that year´s recent 3D stereo boom on world wide cinemas. I worked as a technical director on a short stereoscopic movie pilot and trained people to be animators, riggers and texture artists in the course of 8 months in 2010. I also realized the huge potential for educational videogames, so in 2012 I developed an educational videogame to teach basic algebra called "Aliens vs Pami" on Android based on propietary characters.

I´ve created a video tutorial series on "How to change Blender´s UI" which includes topics on how to download the source code, change the icons, implement your own custom meshes and change the theme and menus using python addons. I´ve became strongly interested in Blender since version 2.78 already showed how PBR materials and the principled shader by Disney were going to be a strong point to Blender´s workflow. I´ve done specialized set of training tutorials about Blender´s viewport, grease pencil and simulations. I´ve been combining the use of Blender with openshot, and Natron for compositing. Recently I gave a conference about Blender 2.8 realtime engine "EEVEE", there is a demanding interest to create #InstantRenders.

Therefore, I´d like to train CG artists migrating from other 3D applications and Studios in the use of Blender with the official certification from the Blender Institute.

Development: http://www.3dcinetv.com/blog
Portfolio: http://www.be.net/3dcinetv
Twitter: @3D_director
Instagram: @3dcinetv


  • Animation
  • Modeling
  • Rigging
  • Shading
  • VFX
  • Add-Ons
  • Consulting
  • Pipeline TD
  • Tutorials
  • Class
  • One on One
  • Remote Training

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