Italian, born in 1985, Master's Degree in Computer Science @ Università di Catania.

BFCT (Blender Foundation Certified Trainer), I like to teach, make (video)tutorials, and write ebooks; author of several free videotutorials (>600, in Italian; my videotutorials in ENGLISH: click here), tutorial, ebooks (Italian only); founder of (which now redirects to my personal website, , and (a Forum for the Italian cg community).

Available for one-on-one or class courses, modeling, and compositing in Italy.


I've held several courses about Blender (modeling, rendering, compositing) for corporations or individuals; plus, I worked as a consultant for CNR-IFC in Pisa to develop a Blender Add-On.

I live in Catania, in the south of Italy, but I can travel all over Italy for work, as I have done several time in the past.


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