since 2005 I've been the Production Supervisor of a small VFX and Animation company based in Rome: Spark Digital Entertainment Srl .

I'm in the industry since 2000 and in this quite long time I've worked as video editor, 2D/3D compositor and of course production supervisor.
I also have skills as a 3D artist, I'm able to model, shade and light a scene or a packshot. 
Someone says I'm a problem solver, I think I just try to split problems in faceable parts and solve them one by one.

In my past I completed many kind of projects:
- feature films
- industrial videos
- commercials
- documentaries

You can find me on IMDB to prove my experience.

My SHOWREEL is made of the best work I've done with my crew at SparkDE plus the work I've done in the past Year:

If you need an experienced artist to help you with some complex compositing or to complete your team with managerial skills feel free to contact me. 

  • Consulting
  • Production Manager

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