This is me

I'm Ph. D. in Physics and assistant professor at Universidad de Granada, in the city of Granada in the South of Spain (it's a nice place, you have to come at least once in your life :-D). I started using 3D software for amusement more than ten years ago. And when I found Blender in 2007, I fell in love with it...

I have used Blender for educational and scientific purposes. Blender helps me to do short documentaries to explain concepts about Electronics. My videos are in YouTube and Vimeo and they have very positive feedbacks. I also use Blender for scientific visualization of  data obtained along my research in Quantum Electronics. I also like to do short movies using the croma-key technique.

I currently teach Blender in my university for groups of professors and for undergraduate students and professionals. Their backgrounds are diverse: Fine Arts, Architects, Engineers, Scientists, Computer Engineers... I teach the software and I give the students support to carry out their personal projects (models, short movies and others).

My teaching has been assessed several times by independent organisms, obtaining excellent marks. I keep learning how to improve my teaching attending courses and projects about communication.


Courses offered

I currently teach basic courses on Blender in Universidad de Granada.

I can also teach specialized courses on demand. You can ask me for an estimate and I will travel for intensive courses if required. Courses can be held both in Spanish or/and English. I'm fluent in both languages.

Email: fmgomez[at]

Contact information

Email: fmgomez(at)
YouTube user: fmgomezcampos


  • Lighting
  • Modeling
  • Shading
  • 3D Printing
  • Consulting
  • Production Manager
  • Class
  • One on One
  • Remote Training

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