I have been CG Artist since 1995, 12 years 3D Max, mainly industrial visualisation.  

I am teaching 3D-Animation since 1999, first at the university of applied sciences MTD in Hagenberg/upper austria, since 2001 in Graz at FH JOANNEUM (also an university of applied sciences). 

2009 I changed to blender, and i never missed 3d max since then!

Today i am teaching Digital Media Technologies, that means video editing, audio, multimedia programming and of course 3d visualisation, animation.

Since 3 years i provide blender trainigs and courses for my students in several departments of the university of applied sciences FH JOANNEUM in Graz, Austria.


  • Multimedia Anwendungsentwicklung (multimedia applications developement with Blender) for students at the program "information management"
  • 3D-Visualization (Blender modelling and rendering) at the degree program "Ausstellungsdesign/exhibition design"
  • Basics of working with plans and 3D-Data (ArchiCAD, QCAD, Blender) at the degree program "Ausstellungsdesign/exhibition design"
  • Introducing Blender as an alternative to Cinema4D for students of the degree program "information design"

To help the students understand the exercises and to try it again at home i provide them several videotutorials at screencastomatic.com and vimeo.com. 

For the commercial department of the University of applied sciences I am producing 3D-Visualizations and Animations with Blender, interactive applications (with Blender and Unity3D), augmented reality applications (with Blender and Unity3D), Simulations (Blender particles).


I produced a Videotraing "Blender 2.70 Basics" for video2brain, which is available here:

Blender 2.70 Basics

  • Modeling
  • Training DVDs
  • Tutorials
  • Class

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