„Indeform“ Ltd – IT and digital graphics technologies and products development company striving for innovation, artistic and technical excellence in their work. Company is specializing in development of unique visual technologies, computer vision, augmented reality, virtual reality and multimedia IT solutions. Creativity and combination of digital graphics, art and technologies together helps company to create exciting products and realize powerful, non-standard and innovative ideas for their clients.

Our Services:

  • Digital graphics, 2D / 3D animation, animated industrial, scientific and medical 3D visualizations & visual FX services to creators and producers of animated films, TV and web series.

  • Interactive and visual technologies, virtual and augmented reality solutions for multimedia installations, shows and public events, museums and businesses.


Creative skills:

  • Skilled innovative and creative visual ideas development;
  • Post production including masking, color grading, VFX composition, music, audio voiceover and final rendering;

  • Photorealistic hi-poly 3D modeling, lighting, texturing and animation for scientific, industrial and medical visualizations;

  • 2D / 3D animation and visualization projects planning and development including full preproduction process: script, scenario writing and storyboarding;

  • Exclusively Blender use for all animation, VFX and visualizations pipelines.


Our Youtube animation channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkhKsbxUaVDlisI-9zcRJlA


    • Animation
    • Lighting
    • Modeling
    • Motion Graphics
    • Rigging
    • Shading
    • VFX
    • Add-Ons
    • Open Shading Language
    • Python Scripting
    • Pipeline TD
    • Production Manager
    • One on One

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    Edgard Antonio Caliman Oliveira