Jeroen Bakker is an IT-Developer with 20+ years of experience as a professional. During these years he did IT-architecture, infrastructure design, software design, software development, consultancy and project management for small and large projects. His knowledge is not limited to Blender.

At Mind is a small Amsterdam based company co-owned with Monique Dewanchand. At Mind is specialized in knowing and doing IT.

Need help with Blender or Blender Game Engine?

Do you have an idea but don’t know how or if Blender can realize this? Do you want an overview of the possibilities of Blender? As developers we are well aware of what the software can or cannot do. Tell us your idea and we can analyze how Blender fits the purpose. We can also organize a training to get you acquainted with the numerous parts of Blender and the Blender Game engine.

Pipeline integration

Does your pipeline use several products like Blender, Nuke, Maya, SoftImage or Modo? And you want to integrate them? Have you lost track of the data in the pipeline? Will the pipeline still work after a change? And how about the compatibility between data? Pipeline integration is one of our core competences. We can consult, research and develop based on your specific needs. Are you starting on a new production, please contact us and we will help you making the first steps.

Feature development

Need a feature for Blender? Do you have a specific workflow and cannot find the right tooling? Are your current scripts becoming a bottleneck? Perhaps you can think about enhancing your tooling by creating custom plugins. Scripting in most tools are limited, and take a long time to run. Plugins have the advantage that they can integrate better with the tooling.

Do you need a plugin? Let us know as we can help you with all sorts of customizations.

Blender projects

2009 - Documentation Blender file format. Blender file format is a complex format. With the documentation the file format is now used within other tools too share data. Also many API were created based on this documentation (Java, Python, C, Actionscript).

2009-2010 - Blender-aid: Blender-aid is a tool that helps you manage Blender productions. Blender focuses on the creation of content. Blender-aid focuses on managing the content of a production. 

The 2 main features of blender-aid are visibility and re-factoring.

Visibility presents technical data of a production in different ways, like the links between files or the output settings of files. Presenting the data in a useful way lets you see where and why a file is used. With this information it is possible to answer questions like: "What scenes needs to be re-rendered when you modify a file or a part of a file?".

During the creation of a production changes happen. Blender-aid can perform complex re-factoring tasks like renaming a file or moving a file to another folder location. Blender-aid will assure that the structure of the production stays intact.

2010 - Wireframe experiment: Project for Dunkle Design. The goal for the project was to create a perceptual experiment that analyzes the number and rate of perspective reversals that a Subject experiences, while viewing a rotating wireframe cube in different presentations. The project has been executed using the Blender Game Engine.

2010-2012 - Tiles: The tiles project is all about a complete redesign of Blender's compositor. The main goals of the project was to support modern hardware architectures (Multicore CPU and OpenCL) and to have direct feedback to the users. This project will be released in Blender 2.64

2012-2013 - Blender Kinect: Z25 ( and Dutch School of Arts (HKU) approached us to do a research on real-time interaction using a Kinect and Blender for interactive theater. The idea was that based on the data from the Kinect, a director or editor can influence the play being performed. For example if a performing artist raises its hand, a spotlight should appear. A director or editor should be able to influence this behaviour in real-time.

2013 - Consulting VR project: We consulted an Indian company on the best way to use Blender in a VR setup.

2013 - Jack et la mécanique du coeur: For the full feature animation film Jack et la mécanique du coeur I was responsible for the asset management, lighting and compositing pipeline. Modo was used for lighting and rendering; Nuke was used for compositing. We used Python/QT to connect different systems. During this time a created a animation pipeline, scene builders, Lighting and compositing tools and Asset distribution/optimization tooling.

2016-now - is a website where young students (aged 10 and older) learn how to create 3D games, animations or model with Blender and Python. I worked on tutorials, developed the CMS/Forum and participated at several events.

2017-now - Blender Crowd Sim 3D: Crowd Sim 3D is a crowd simulation add-on for Blender. With it you can create cheering crowds, stadium crowds, moving crowds. You can easily import your models. Configure how to differentiate your materials, textures and meshes. Distribute agents in your scene and add behavior to your crowd.

2018 - CodeQuest: Developer in the CodeQuest. Worked on the workbench render engine. A render engine optimized for modelling and animation playback speed. The workbench render engine is part of the upcoming Blender 2.8 release.

Publications & presentations

  • 2009 - BConf - Blender-aid
  • 2010 - BConf - OpenCL Blender compositor prototype
  • 2011 - Blenderday - State Blender compositor redesign
  • 2011 - BConf - State Blender compositor redesign
  • 2012 - AMD Fusion Development Summit - Enhancing user interaction with Blender Cycles and Tiles
  • 2012 - Siggraph - Blender OpenCL compositor demonstration at Khronos group.
  • Add-Ons
  • Blender Core
  • Game Engine Programming
  • Open Shading Language
  • Python Scripting
  • Consulting
  • Pipeline TD
  • Class
  • One on One
  • Remote Training

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