Hi there!

I am a CG generalist who dabbles in modeling, lighting, compositing, special effects, realtime graphics and scripting. Basically a bit of everything. 

I am currently working with a California based company developing VR content for Google. Before that, I spent 3 years developing a biomolecular visualization app using Blender for Harvard Medical School.

I also founded the Vancouver-based animation studio The Pixelary.

Major Projects and Work
2015-Present: VidaSystems, USA: Lead a team that delivered 450 VR panoramas for Google Expeditions
2015: Vehicle rendering for a major Japanese car OEM
2011-2014: Harvard Medical School, USA: Molecular Visualization
2010: Cosmic Sensation, Netherland: Realtime Visuals
2010: IFC - CNR, Italy: Molecular Visualization
2008-2011: University of BC Fisheries Centre, Canada: Realtime Visualization


2014: Learning Blender (USA) - Reviewer
2012: Game Development with Blender (USA) - Author (With Dalai Felinto)
2011: Blender for Dummies, 2nd Ed. (USA) - Center Color Insert
2010: Blender: The Definitive Guide (China) - Art work contribution, introduction
2009: Blender for Dummies (USA) - Center Color Insert
2008: Real-Time Rendering, 3rd Ed. (USA) - Depth based ambient occlusion contribution
2007: Bounce, Tumble, and Splash (USA) - Cover art contribution
2007: Essential Blender (USA) - Cover Art contribution

Talks and Conferences
2014: Vancouver Blender User Group Organizer
2012: Boston Blender Meetup: Guest Speaker
2012: Amrita University 3-day Blender Workshop: lead (With Jonathan Williamson)
2011: Siggraph 2011 Blender Booth: Presenter
2010: Vancouver BCIT class workshop: Guest Speaker
2010: Amsterdam Blender Conference: Guest Speaker
2010: Turino View Conference SFX Workshop: Lead
2010: Seattle Blender User Group Meeting: Guest Speaker
2010: Pisa Blender Workshop: Co-organizer + Lead
2010: Vancouver CGMovement Talk: Guest Speaker
2009: Vancouver Blender workshop @ UBC: Organizer + Lead
2008: Amsterdam Blender Conference: Guest Speaker
2008: Vancouver Blender workshop @ UBC: Organizer + Lead

  • Lighting
  • Modeling
  • Motion Graphics
  • Shading
  • VFX
  • Add-Ons
  • Game Engine Programming
  • Python Scripting
  • Consulting
  • Pipeline TD
  • Production Manager
  • Class
  • One on One
  • Remote Training

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