Final Upgrade
11 April, 2013
Network News

Almost a month ago, we went live with a brand new Blender Network framework. It had most of the features of the first version, but we wanted to take it further with more tools and styling.

Good news is: we did it!

If you're reading this you probably noticed already, but among the main changes you'll find:


The new layout is made from scratch, giving more space to featured members, events, and news. That’s what the network is about!

Public Profiles


Your public profile now features a big slideshow of your artwork. Up to 4 images can be added, recommended width is at least 940px. For vertical images we added a widget to easily reposition them (check the move icon on the top-right corner of your public profile)



Are you available to work online? Or willing to travel perhaps? These are now options that are shown on both your profile and the search list. Optional.


Current Location

Current Location

You can now choose a city/town/place, and/or country to display on your profile. This is meant as your (or your company's) current location. Specifying your location is optional as well.


Professional Relations

Formerly called “Connections”, now they are meant to be for members you've worked with professionally, or for which you can be contacted as a reference. 


This is a new way to demonstrate anonymous appreciation for other’s work, without having to connect as a professional relation. Only members can show appreciation, and it is and will always be anonymous. Find this option on the member’s public profile.

The backend interface has been completely reorganized in order to be clearer and more usable.


Along with Twitter we also have a Facebook page, and a special support form for members.

Future Steps

We believe the website is now finally in a better shape and more suitable to fulfill one of its missions: showcase the best member’s work. On the other hand, we are aware of some issues that still need attention. We are already taking care of them.

Here is a short list of upcoming features available in the coming days.
This list includes:

  • Bring back notifications when members make a professional connection request
  • Integrate video/showreel in the public profile slideshow
  • Finally fix and improve the search system
  • Mobile friendly, responsive layout.

On a longer term we plan to add:

  • Public discussion forum (with write access to members only)
  • Job board

We are very excited about this new release!

Feel free to send us feedback on our Facebook page, Twitter or at

Francesco & the Blender Network staff.