Interview: Boligplan Studios
21 August, 2013

Today we are thrilled to introduce you to Boligplan Studios, a Corporate Member of the Blender Network! We would like to thank Monika Soota for answering our questions.

Could you share some details about the studio?


We are a small boutique 3D Visualization Studio with offices in Norway and India. Boligplan Studios has a multi disciplinary team with expertise in different areas of visualization, real estate marketing, business structures, digital photography, architectural design and IT. We assist in defining intent across all stages of development – right from concept to the final design presentations for websites, brochures, on-site hoardings, posters, web and print ads, leasing pamphlets and newsletters. By working with real estate developers, architects, builders, interior designers, private and government sector and advertising agencies, we have gained the reputation of delivering reliably and accurately, while achieving the most stunning graphics. We respond quickly to last minute changes and requests for our prestigious clients.


Olav S. Uleberg - Founder and CEO of Boligplan, has been working with computer-technology all his life and the last 20 years with computer graphics. His passion for 3D graphics and experience in real estate led to founding Boligplan. Olav drives innovation, encourages continuous research and development of new mediums and technologies to keep us abreast with the industry standards. He has outstanding experience in the industry and has been the driving force in the company's growth. Olav has interests in architecture, art, interactive graphics, social media and business structures.

Vikramaditya Singh – An IT enthusiast with 15 years of experience in providing software and IT related consultancy. Experience working with various multinational companies like Oracle, Accenture, HP and EDS. Along with holding an important position with this company, he is also director in Vikramaditya Marbles Pvt. Ltd., Vikramaditya Beverages & Dairy Products Pvt. Ltd. And Vikramaditya Colonizers Pvt. Ltd.

Monika Soota: Studio Head – Over 13 years of experience in 3D Architectural Visualization, Product Modeling, Creative Design, Software Training and Service Industry.

Shoaib Ahmed: Technical Head

Rakesh Saini: Senior 3d Artist

Sunil Kumar: Senior 3d Artists

Ruman Zafar: 3d Artist

  • A complete solution for architectural presentations of Residential, Commercial, Retail, Hospitality, Institutes, etc.
  • Exteriors
  • Interiors
  • Floor plans
  • 360 Animations
  • 3D Logo Design and Animation
  • Product Modeling and Visualization
  • Interactive Presentations
  • Brochure Designing, Web and Print Ads
  • Billboard/Hoarding Designs
  • Facebook Ads and Promotions
  • Web-solutions – Rental/Retail
  • Websites

How does the studio work?

To achieve the quality of work we strive for, we let the artists work with as little interruption as possible. Our policy is to focus on one task at a time and do it well. We encourage development of artist in every way we can, as we recognize this as an asset to the company. For this to be implemented we needed to change the way we communicated with our clients. As a result, we have gone from just getting some files to be turned into 3D, to an integral part in the planning of projects.

How does Blender fit into your pipeline?

We have tested out several ways to work with our projects. Our best solution at this point, is our carefully defined workflow for each “product” that we offer. Since we are several artists of varying level of skills, we are also able to cultivate specializations for our artists by assigning specific task to each one of them. That way we are able to calculate time and effort required to complete each task more accurately, hence delivery without any delays.

We believe key to get better, is to be always curious and open for improvements. To be more conscious of what we do every day. When it comes to software, our policy is to use Blender in all tasks. But since we have not yet found the best solutions for all tasks in Blender, we use additional tools. We have been working on customizing certain areas and making our own tools, but we have not yet implemented the same in our processes.

What led you to work with Blender?

We tested out all the tools we could find, and ended up on Blender because of its feel and speed. Also the way modeling could be done very rapidly, accurately and easily. And of course the power of open source – where there are a lot of people to counsel with when you get stuck, and the enormous speed and effort put in development. And of course the saving of money when it comes to licensensing.

What is the current status of your industry? Is using Blender an advantage?

The current status of our industry, the demand for 3D visualization is growing faster than the population of the world. We use Blender as it helps us maintain our quality and with each new release we find we can improve on not just our quality but our efficiency as well. Blender's simple and no-nonsense work flow helps us meet our deadlines in the fastest way possible. We do face some challenges with Blender as for some of our products, special effects are expected – which at times holds us back. But we are not worried about this, as over the years we have gained the reputation of solving these things with Blender.

Any other remark?

Our company has decided to use Blender because we have seen it's potential and decide that it is the best tool for our projects. But its more than that. We love the way our final work comes out, and our customers are also very satisfied – and in the end that’s what keeps us happy.

You can check out Bolingplan Studio on Facebook, and follow the latest update from the Blender Network on Twitter!