Introducing the Job Board
10 October, 2013
Network News

Today we would like to announce a new important feature of the Blender Network: the Job Board. This is going to be the place were Job postings, as well as quote requests (free of charge) will be available.

The Blender Network Job Board is public like the rest of the website.

Publishing announcements is also free of charge and is open to non-members, too

To publish an announcement we have set up a form, accessible on the Jobs page. We will then post the offers to the board (on average it should take less than 24h). To keep the list clean and up-to-date, entries will expire after one month automatically (but can be renewed), or will be deleted manually as soon as the request has been fulfilled on request of the publisher.

We have tried to keep the system as simple and clean as possible, but if you have any feedback on how to improve the job board, please let us know. Same goes if you have questions related to the job board or anything else concerning the Blender Network. (We will soon also add some additional information in the FAQ section of the website.)

Help the Job Board to grow by spreading news about it. It's a great opportunity both for employers and for Blender users!