Network News - February 2014
28 February, 2014
Network News

Dear Members and followers,

we hope that so far 2014 has been a great and productive year. In the past months we have been busy as usual, managing a growing number of job submissions and network members.

In a couple of days comes and important date for us. Since 1 year we have officially relaunched the Network membership program. This means that everyone that has been a member of the Network since day one will be contacted to check on their membership status and renewal options. We would like to remind that the subscription fees are completely reinvested in the costs of running and managing the website, as well as giving it visibility at important events and tradeshows (like SIGGRAPH 2013 last year).

Forums, the quest

An important and very much requested feature, the Blender Network forum, has not been released yet. This delay is due to the concerns and challenges that setting up such infrastructure requires (constant moderation, security issues, etc). We are trying to work out a solution supported directly by Blender Foundation and we will keep you posted as soon as there are updates.

Upcoming projects

Some exciting news will also come soon regarding Project Gooseberry, in which a good number of network members and studios will be involved!

We are always available for requests and discussions on twitter @blendernetwork. Get in touch!