Network News - July 2013
28 June, 2013
Network News

Welcome to the July newsletter! We would like to give an update on the status of the Network, and a brief tour of the new features recently introduced on the website.

We put a lot of effort into reviewing and getting all the members' profiles cleaned up and compliant to the community guidelines. The list of members has never looked so good!

As anticipated, we introduced three new prominent features on the website.


Every profile can get appreciations by other members of the Network. This is a way to express anonymous appreciation for other members, without endorsing them publicly (i.e. having them displayed on your connections list on your public profile). Appreciations are one-time only.

Protected Emails

We raised the protection level against spam bots on public profiles, in order to allow members to safely display their email addresses. The implementation is based on a frontend encription system that allows only humans to see the actual email address of a member.

Brand new Search System

Last but not least, a new search system for members is live since a week. You can now reliably search members by name, tagline or country, plus any artistic or technical skill that is available in the public profile editor. Further filtering by availability or special tags such as Blender Foundation Certified Trainer or Blender Developer is possible.

We hope you enjoyed this update. Exciting new features and events are coming up, such as SIGGRAPH 2013, where we will celebrate the first anniversary of the Blender Network.

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The Blender Network Team