Network News - May 2014
26 May, 2014
Network News

Here comes an update on the first quarter of 2014!

After a crowd-funding campaign that showcased a great lineup of Bender-based animation studios, Blender Institute has recently announced the Project Gooseberry Pilot. At the beginning of this campaign, the Blender Cloud has also been launched, presenting a new idea for sustainable Free and Open Source Software projects.

At the moment the Blender Cloud platform's aim is to provide access to training material and support the production of the Gooseberry Project, but one of the targets is actually to provide production management tools for any studio using Blender. The next steps of this project will be announced in the coming weeks.

Blender Foundation Certified Trainers

The BFCT program is a very important initiative from Blender Foundation that allows to appoint trainers of excellence. Right now BFCT are not extremely well showcased on the Blender Network website and we plan to fix this by offering better location-based search, as well as an improved and dedicated page listing all the trainers.

Our latest Blender Foundation Certified Trainer is Olivier Amrein, check out his page!

Blender Conference 2014

The first announcement of the Blender Conference has been made a few days ago. Like in the past editions, the Conference will be held at De Balie in Amsterdam at the end of October. Check out the call for participation on


Our Job board is still popular, check out the jobs page regularly to see if there are interesting news.

Bonus video, check out this presentation from Sebastian König.

We are currently looking for high quality successful use cases of Blender, if you want to submit one to be featured here or on the website, please get in touch with us on twitter or via email.