Network News - November 2013
18 November, 2013
Network News

October has been a quite successful and busy month: we even skipped our monthly update!

So what has been going on? Mainly Blender Conference 2013, during which we had many contacts with new and long time members. We also presented our yearly report, which is available here.

We have recently introduced our job board, which is proving itself very popluar. If you are looking for freelance gigs check it out!

Over a week ago, the new website went live, and we are now working to achieve a good level of integration between the two sites, for example:

  • Improve search via URL (to get direct access to Blender Foundation Certified Trainers)
  • Support Educational community forum (we hope to deliver this really soon)

The increasing number of connections and opportunities generated by the Network keeps us very motivated and we are always looking forward to hear your feedback and suggestions to make the platform better!

Francesco and the Blender Network Team