Network News - September 2013
30 September, 2013
Network News

Our September report is quite late! This happened because we are actually very busy networking and connecting members to potential partners.

To give you a brief overview, this month we have connected:

  • 3 producers looking for studios to develop commercial work
  • 4 studios and schools looking for trainers
  • 4 artists needing Blender add-ons (many need Game Engine support!)

We have also been working on the long-due Jobs section and on a better way to display Blender Institute Certified Trainers.

Save the date - Blender Conference 2013

In less than one month the Blender Conference will take place in Amsterdam on 25-26-27 October! Don't miss the chance to be there! We will give a full report on the status of the network and show what is coming up.

Many Network members plan to attend, so it's likely we will set up an informal get together event too.

We love your feedback

In order to improve the quality of the Network services, we have sent a poll to our members in order to collect more data on how many job connections are taking place via the Network. We will report on this next month!