Palmyra - Renovat3d Project
10 June, 2016

The team Renovat3d, composed by 5 students from graphics degree of the University of Cergy-Pontoise, is working on the 3D reconstruction of the archaeological site of Palmyra. This educational project, in partnership with the company Iconem and Syrian archaeologists, aims to safeguard the ruins of this historical site as it was before the series of destruction by ISIS last summer.
The project that is being established is open source and anyone can contribute via the website
The website is online since June 6 and anyone can see and "visit" the historical site virtually, propose their models, contribute to ameliorate the models or donate data of Palmyra (photos, archive, maps) in order to enhance their accuracy.
3D professionals can also make tutorials about the technics they used to create their models or propose add ons or plugins to help in 3D modeling.

Théâtre Romain de Palmyre by Marin PETTE on Sketchfab

Thanks to this project, 3D professionals will be able to help the archaeologists to "rebuild" the historical site.
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Text: Rachelle Tuazon (In charge of public relations and partnership)
The team Renovat3D