Renegatt Software joins Blender Network
27 August, 2014
Network News

We would like to welcome Renegatt Software as the latest Corporate Member of the Blender Network! Renegatt Software develops the remote high-performance rendering solution called GPUBox Arists. You can learn more about this in their press release.

GPUBox Artist is a software that virtualizes the GPU devices and not only provides them to the users in a cloud computing infrastructure, but also gives a great boost to the rendering pipeline. It has been recently released
in beta version by Renegatt Software.

The cutting-edge technology implemented in GPUBox Artist brings GPU-based rendering on an entirely new level and reveals many possibilities. By separating the GPUs from the host layer, this software allows many users to
share multiple devices simultaneously. It makes GPUBox Artist the foundation of a scalable and elastic GPU cloud computing infrastructure for the 3D graphics industry.

“So far no one has managed to develop a solution that would conveniently make use of a massive number of GPUs, and the number of available PCIe slots was the main limitation”, says Marcin Gucki , head of the Renegatt team. “And so we delivered GPUBox, a software that enables on-demand provisioning of dozens of GPUs - no matter if we use a physical or virtual system.”

Unlike other solutions, GPUBox is not limited to the expensive, professional graphic cards. For the first time, GTX-class cards can be used in the cloud environment. Supported applications see the virtualized GPUs as if they were installed in the system. The solution is transparent for the supported applications - no modification to the program is needed.

At the moment, GPUBox Artist supports CUDA-based Blender and Octane renderers. For more information, visit the official website of Renegatt Software.

We wish success to the Renegatt Software team with the launch of their new service and we are extremely happy to have them on board to offer a high quality render service for Blender Users.