Sketchfab embeds support
18 July, 2013
Network News

One goal of the Blender Network is to provide our members with the best tools to showcase their skills and work. Today we are excited to announce Sketchfab integration in the Member Public Profiles!

In order to take advantage of Sketchfab embedding you should login and access the Public Profile Editor. You will find a Sketchfab button.

Pressing the button will prompt you with a request for the Sketchfab model you want to link to (we assume you already have that).

Once you provide the link to the model you will get a working Sketchfab embed, both in the editor and in your actual Public Page. As simple as that.

We would like to thank Alban Denoyel and the awesome team at Sketchfab, who has supported us in the best possible way. We hope to see many members taking advantage of this feature! If you do, please let us know on Twitter or Facebook!