Welcome to the new website!
07 March, 2013
Network News

Dear members and users, welcome to the new Blender Network platform!

This post contains important information about the release of the Blender Network, please read it carefully.

We just migrated the Blender Network to a new platform! This system is based on a brand new framework and will better support future expansion of the features offered by the network. Some immediate improvements are:

  • Improved search system (not working great at the moment)
  • Integrated registration/payment/invoicing system
  • Better public profile creation tools (go ahead and embed your reel now!)

Please note

All passwords have been reset. In order to retrieve your new password just visit http://blendernetwork.org/users/forgot_password and provide your email address.

At the moment the search system has some issues (looking for common terms in some cases does not provide any useful result). We are already working on it! We will add back skills filtering very soon.

If you view your profile, you will notice that the layout has slightly changed. We tried to keep the structure similar to what you were used to, so technically you should find everything in the same place you left it last time. This layout is only temporary though. We still have to work on the new graphic appearance and we will let you know when it's done.

Please, check that all your links to other profiles are still in place. There are a few that got lost in transition or that need to be confirmed again. Also consider checking the quality of the uploaded profile and gallery pictures.

In case you wish to have some human support, do not hesitate to write us at support@blendernetwork.org. We are happy to help! A public roadmap for the upcoming features is available here https://trello.com/b/KVOahMfJ.

Finally, because we prefer to have a fresh and motivated start with all members, we decided to reset all the memberships to day 0. This means that if you currently are a member, your membership will expire in March 2014!

Thank you for your support!