About me…
My name is Nicolás Morenas, pure Blender user since 1.82 version.
Tell me about your VFX ideas, and I intent to become it real.
I love to convert your dreams into digital reality.

Languages: Spanish (native), English (only a bit of English written)

Latest works (only 3D ones):

  • Full length movie (Goat & Horse  >  3D, render, modeling, lighting, texturing, animation) "Prettyface" (in production).
  • Short movie (Weapon  >  3D, render, modeling, lighting, texturing, tracking, animation), No name yet (in production).
  • TV Spot (Dam  >  3D, render, modeling, lighting, texturing, animation) "FundaciónIsabel".
  • Short movie (Wings & Feather  >  3D, render, modeling, lighting, texturing, tracking, animation) "Amor Sacro".
  • Short movie (Wolf  >  3D, render, modeling, lighting, texturing, tracking, animation) "A través del Ocaso".
  • Full length episode (Spaceships, Mothership, turrets  >  3D, render, modeling, lighting, texturing, animation) "V de Vicioso".
  • Lighting
  • Modeling
  • Consulting
  • One on One

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Eugenio Pignataro
Carlos Gonzalez Morcillo
Todd McIntosh