I'm an environment artist, focusing on asset modelling and texturing, then shading and lighting and the art side of level building.
I work on anything environment : from architecture and landscape to vehicles and mechanical.

With a passion for anything sci-fi, specially if heavily weathered and decayed, but i also enjoy and have experience with historical reconstructions, for documentaries and vr museum experiences.

I've studied architecture (bachelor degree) and initially worked in arch.viz, then documentaries and advertising. I've worked on hipoly vfx environments , but specialize in realtime and lowpoly.

I worked on envs for  project Mango-Tears of Steel at the Blender Institute. ( models and textures and shaders, mainly for the dome environment) and on the Tube Open movie (texturing and shading)

Portfolio :  https://www.artstation.com/nizu

Currently I'm working as remote freelance (latest collaborations: Bombdog Studios, Realer, Model Earth, Streamline Studios, Protocube snc, Hangman Digital, R.I.G  Rete Italiana Grafici)

Blender has been my main tool for 9 years now along with Substance and Unity or Unreal Engine. In recent years i dedicated most of my learning time to texture paint and shading, but lighting is a personal passion too, using VrayBlender and Cycles or baking lightmaps in Blender and in Unity. I’ve always worked in small teams or freelance, so I’m used to improvise in many areas (some animation, simulation, and a bit of python for automations and batch scripts)

More info and posts about latest projects on my blog/site : https://nizuvault.wordpress.com/



  • Lighting
  • Modeling
  • Shading
  • Tutorials

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