Predicting clients's imagination

About Me

I am a Portuguese architect dedicated to virtual visualization. I started to work in this area since 1998 when I was asked to accompany an architectural project with 3D images.

After ending the degree in architecture, started cooperate more in 3d services and training.
I started with Blender at 2004 with the 2.33 version next to old Yafray version. Since that time it was love at first sight.

My Today's work

I am a teacher, I implement the use of Blender as a 3D generalist application.
For hobby I opened my page - - where I added several tutorials in portuguese, which allowed anyone to freely learn how to model and render 3D using YafaRay and Blender (new version of Yafray).

In parallel'm administrator of and portuguese brand keeplisted. Projetos 3D is a website with 3D convertion services, my main clients are architects, engineers, designers, students, real estate, interior designers, visionaries, among many others. Some of the work is rendered with Cycles.

A new implemented service is the 3D printing. I model all the parts in Blender and bring them to life using a slicer to convert the STL format into a GCODE. I build printers especially the Prusa i3 and install the Marlin Firmware. This 3D printing services and products can be found at RepRap.PT

  • Lighting
  • Modeling
  • Shading
  • 3D Printing
  • Consulting
  • Production Manager
  • Tutorials
  • Class
  • One on One