I'm a scientific-oriented Blender lover who works at the University teaching Blender, in Graphics, Animation classes. I'm also the owner of Polski Kurs Blendera, the huge site with polish Blender tutorials, created for the community just for free (CC-BY). Now I'm leading a growing, eager community. In 2013 I've organized an international Blender Conference, called YABC-2013 (http://polskikursblendera.pl/yabc2013en/). More fun things are still before me!


  • Lighting
  • Modeling
  • Shading
  • VFX


  • Add-Ons
  • Game Engine Programming


  • 3D Printing
  • Consulting


  • Tutorials


  • Class
  • One on One
  • Remote Training

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Bartek Skorupa
Adam Kalisz
Sebastian Koenig
Francesco Siddi
Todd McIntosh
Jonathan Williamson
Gottfried Hofmann
Kjartan Tysdal
John R. Nyquist
Olivier Amrein
Pablo Vazquez