Qarnot Render is an on-demand online render farm for Blender, V-Ray, Renderman, and Guerilla. Affordable, user-friendly and eco-friendly,  it is accessible online, via a REST API and/or a Python SDK. Qarnot Render’s farm is a unique distributed cloud composed of computing heaters and boilers embedding high-end AMD Ryzen 7 or Intel Core i7 to heat offices and residential buildings. Qarnot Render offers:

  • Free trial
  • Per second billing and flexible pricing
  • Storage included
  • User-friendly interface​


Clients & testimonials

  • "We recommend Qarnot's rendering services to every animation studio” Julien Bagnol, Supamonks Studio, Testimonial

  • “Qarnot’s excellent service and support made a great contribution to the production at a crucial stage” - Merete Korsberg, Fabelfjord, Dunder short movie

  • “With Qarnot, I broke down the rendering times of my projects from one night to a few minutes or hours” - Olivier Amrein, 3D Freelance Artist, Show Reel

  • “Thanks to Qarnot computing, glaciers will melt slower!” Virginie Guilminot, Les Fées Spéciales, Antarctica

  • Qarnot sponsored and rendered "Cosmos Laundromat", the Blender Foundation’s short movie. It won the Jury Prize award at SIGGRAPH 2016


About Qarnot computing

At Qarnot, we heat homes and offices for free with computers. Qarnot created the first computing heater using CPUs as a heat source. Qarnot provides cloud computing through a disruptive distributed infrastructure where computing power is no longer deployed in concentrated data centers but split throughout the city in the form of Q.rads. By avoiding data center costs related to infrastructure, maintenance, and cooling, Qarnot offers affordable HPC and reduces the carbon footprint of computation by 75%.

Since 2014, more than 100 French households are heated for free with Q.rads, computing remotely for banks (including BNP Paribas and Société Générale), 3D animation studios and research labs. Created in Paris in 2010, Qarnot's team counts 27 people.

Qarnot is recognized as a pioneer in the distributed cloud and Smart Building and won several awards, including Popular Mechanics’ Editors' Choice Award at Las Vegas CES 2016, Cloud Innovation World Cup Award in 2015 and, Crédit Agricole Smart Home Challenge Award in 2016.

Find more about our cloud computing service and Q.rad heaters.

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