RenderStreet has been created having a single goal in mind: to help artists deliver their projects faster, without needing to learn yet another system or to develop additional technical skills. Our custom built render farm can accommodate projects of any size and have them completed in a matter of hours - even if they would have taken days to render on your hardware.

CPU and GPU based rendering

If you use Cycles, a farm with no GPU support will provide little performance improvement over your computer, if any. On RenderStreet, we’ve thought that out and can provide a better solution. For GPU based rendering, we use Quad GPU (with NVIDIA® Grid K520) servers. These support models as large as 4GB and are very fast (one server has roughly the equivalent speed of two Titan boards). 

Easy to understand pricing, billed by the minute

Some render farms use complicated and potentially confusing pricing. They display prices by GHz hour, or by core hour, choosing to ignore that not all GHz and cores are created equal. We put all the cards on the table and display a simple price. Regardless of whether the server is configured to render on CPU or GPU, we have a single price, per server - hour. That means that if you have one frame that renders in one hour, it will cost exactly the price per server hour listed in the pricing page. But you only pay for the render time, in increments of one minute. 

Intelligent resource allocation

Our RenderWheels intelligent resource allocation algorithm has been developed and refined for over a year. It continuously monitors your jobs and automatically allocates an optimal number of servers to it so it gets rendered as fast as possible. 

Very easy to understand interface

Getting to use RenderStreet is so easy, you'll be amazed. From creating your account to uploading your first file and to getting your first render it takes very little time. There is practically a zero learning curve. We have refined the interface carefully to avoid clutter while allowing you the full flexibility to control your project. 

Multiple rendering engines supported

We know that in the rendering world there's no "one size fits all" approach. So we strive to provide support for as many rendering engines as possible. By doing this, we hope to be able to help each customer use their preferred rendering engine, while still benefiting from the speed of our network. At the moment, we support: Blender Internal, Cycles, Yafaray and LuxRender on Blender versions from 2.66 to 2.75. We also support LuxRender standalone projects, and V-Ray for Blender.

NEW: Flat fee, all you can render program: RenderStreet One

RenderStreet One is a best-effort service, designed as an always-on resource you can use to offload your renders. It works on your existing RenderStreet account and you can use it in parallel with our on-demand service. Get your personal render farm for just $50/month!


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