I'm a professional Blender artist specialized in 3D animation and interactive virtual reality.

I use Blender since 2001 as a student, since 2009 as a freelancer and since 2014 as a professional on the interactive virtual reality industry.

If you need something done in Blender I feel comfortable on all departments and modalities.

                    If you can sketch it I can bring it to life.


Free Models to download:

- Illumina (low-poly character modeling/texturing/shading for GLSL);

- Opel GT (High-poly object modeling/texturing/shading for GLSL)


This is my Story:

Back in 1993 I was just a kid dreaming of becoming something like a John Carmack mixed with Walt Disney with a John Woo feeling.

I had a small problem do, I really didn't know how to do a single thing about game making,  animation or movie direction. Well, I didn't know how to use a computer or even what it was. 

By 1997 I hadn't really any way to learn computer things, but thanks to a cool teacher that simpatied with my quest I made my way to a very old, and very difficult to be admitted, High School to learn computer programming (which, at that time, for me was the coolest thing only staying behind the Sega Megadrive), hoping to make video games.

After 2 years of pressing buttons with one finger and a bunch of Turbo Pascal and C of programming knowledge, in the year 2000,  I learn a bit of Autocad and gave a try to make a character on it... it kinda didn't meet my expectations. Until 2001 the idea kept growing, until... one day... I found, inside a Portuguese video game magazine called "Mega Score", an article about a software with some pretty amazing and fresh user interface called "Game Blender". The coolest thing about that was that, in the CD, came the full software, free to use, without time limits and it fit on a diskette. 

I saw it as my chance to see if I had something on me to make something of what I have dreamed for me.

I took it to school (because I hadn't any computer at home), we couldn't install software on the computers back then, but that wasn't necessary because of Blender 2.01 runs from the diskette so I could use it in the school library. I made a sphere with some rabbit feeling and animated it blinking an eye. That impressed my friends.

Back in home, I've pitched my father a brand new computer which he reluctantly sponsored me with the condition of not having the internet (which was insanely expensive at the time).

The next 2 years were spent pressing a button of the blender interface and trying to figure out what it do. I progressed slowly, but I was progressing. This wasn't working do. Although I could make some things they didn't look like what I've expected, so I've given a try to 3d Studio Max 4(that also came the demo on the video game Magazine). One thing about 3ds at the time was the impressive easy to follow tutorials and documentation. After many many disk erasing (1 month to use remember), I eventually learned a bunch about 3d graphics, animation, and basic movie making. But I was tired of formatting the disk and wanted a legal software to follow my journey, something with the potential to evolve so I've returned to Blender, which, by the way, had gained a brand new interface and now was really open and with the full features.

From that day on I never used any other 3D software.

In 2006 I've abandon school (I was tired of school social distractions), made a loan to buy a workstation (which once again was sponsored by my father) to make my own 3D animation short movie. After 2 years of working (14 hours by day), it born "Orion Tear."

Orion Tear was running to the film festivals and I didn't want to advance to my next animation project (Resilience Satelle) so I decided to make a car to improve my blender skills. Well, that car turned out to be the massive "Opel GT by rogper" thread at blenderartists.org. The thread has more than 300000 views, making it the most seen, single author, WIP thread of that forum.


By late 2008/early 2009 I've replied to a freelance job opportunity for making virtual reality objects to a new interactive virtual reality company. I've worked part time for them for more than 5 years and it was with them that I've learned most of the requiremnts to produce AAA digital content.

Officially professional:

From 2014 on I'm officially a professional. I've since then completed tasks for dozens of diverse clients around the globe, bringing to life hundreds of projects in diverse fields such as 3D animation (mostly), effects, scientific visualization, historical reconstruction, video games, 3D holograms, virtual reality, gifs, comic books, and movies.





  • Animation
  • Lighting
  • Modeling
  • Motion Graphics
  • Rigging
  • Shading
  • VFX
  • 3D Printing
  • Class

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