Blender user since 2007 and active developer for the Blender Core since 2009. Studying computer science at the University of Tübingen.

Mainly working on the Cycles render engine. I worked on the UI in the early days as well.

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Presentations / Talks:
* 2010 - 2012: Blender Conference, Amsterdam: German Language Meeting
* 2012:  FMX, Stuttgart: Blender Inside Out
* 2012: Blender Conference, Amsterdam: Python Interface Workshop; Open Shading Language in Cycles
* 2013:  FMX, Stuttgart: Blender Cycles

* 2009 - today: BlenderDay, helping to coordinate the German Blender conference

* 2011 - today: Moderating the Blender Podcast.

* 2007 - 2012: Animations AG, Erich Kästner Gymnasium, Eislingen/Fils: Taught Blender to young students.

  • Blender Core
  • Open Shading Language
  • Consulting
  • Tutorials
  • Class

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