True to life visuals

I create visuals for designers, architects and landscapers. Everyone eager to share their idea. I give a sharp view into what will once be real. True to life images and animations take away doubts and the fear of the unknown. To get everyone on the same page Winning design competitions, getting through planning committees, promotional presentations; all things I regularly help out with.

So close to reality

The idea that I can get so close makes my hands itch to take the extra step to reality. I have a keen interest in materials and their associated manufacturing processes, both cutting edge and time-proven. Together with the ability to model almost any form I can think of, this gives me the freedom to play around and try new things. Currently in production, the Époque chair at is the prime example where I created a fiberglass chair from a 3D milled mold designed in Blender.

I assist fellow designers in this same step to reality, starting with their ideas and sketches. Creating a 3D model, fine tuning the design's styling and making it fit for production. All in a very visual way, with lots of flexibility in exploring alternatives.

The Grove

Besides graphics I enjoy coding. For me, coding tools for computer graphics is the ultimate creative endeavor. Once something draws my attention, I can get quite obsessive. This determination made me crack the code of trees in the form of a 3D tree growing Addon for Blender. Learn more and watch it in action at

I do all of this from an inspiring workplace near Groningen; surrounded by an inspiring bunch of creatives working in photography, graphic design, web, film, vfx and audio branding. As experts in our specific field we often team up to tackle big projects as a convenient one-stop shop.


  • Animation
  • Lighting
  • Modeling
  • Shading
  • Add-Ons
  • Python Scripting

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